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when you can’t draw anything but eyes






OITNB doesn’t have the “previously on…” because they know you watched the whole season in one day



unpopular opinion

i hate these cookies


Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit. You’re the reason society is crumbling. In 20 years, New York is going to be a pile of ash and dust because people like you exist. This is why I fucking hate tubmlr.


when im a parent i won’t take my kid’s electronics when they get in trouble i’ll just take the charger so i can watch the fear in their eyes as they use it less and less while the battery slowly begins to run out



whoever created chinese food is my hero

probably the chinese


Hello Clone Club! So my birthday is on Friday and I was supposed to go to ComicCon and hopefully go to the Orphan Black panel, and if that didn’t work out I was going to go to the OB meetup instead, and it was going to be a lot of fun whichever happened. Unfortunately, my great grandma died a few days ago and the funeral is on Friday so now I can no longer attend ComicCon on Friday.

I know it’s a long shot, but is there ANYONE at all who has somehow procured an extra ticket to the Orphan Black Nerd HQ panel on Saturday that would be willing to sell it to me? I just wanted to see the OB cast on my birthday but then life happened (or, I guess, death), so if I could see them at all this weekend it would be super.

And if anyone could help signal boost this that would be great



Bino definitely does justice freestyling over Pound Cake, he can do no wrong!

this is literally way too good it hurts me

hi everyone tmw spunksransom and i are heading off tomorow morning to san diego for COMIC CON!!!!! so be prepared for an abundance of own-photos on my blog and tons of text posts probably :DDD if you would like to not see these posts then blacklist #sdcc2014 and San Diego comic con!! 



Orphan Black Poster by Me

Proof once again that Orphan Black fan artists are the best fan artists.

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