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"trust your gut. you know yourself, so don't let somebody else tell you who you are."

You’re the wild type Sarah… you propagate against all odds.
You’re restless, you s u r v i v e.

You don’t know everything about me.
I feel like I do. You text me every time you take a dump. I know about the pimple on your nipple, and I’m, like, the holder of your social security card.

Orphan Black || Behind The Scenes
“Our lead character is a chameleon, and Tatiana is a chameleon. Tatiana doesn’t come to set as Tatiana, ever. She comes as the character. I mean she really is, i mean, not that she’s like all freaky deaky or weird you know, you can still have a very fun conversation with her but she comes with the energy of the character. And usually will even come with the voice of the character. It’s pretty mind blowing to watch her work.” - Graeme Manson



待ち合わせ場所に彼氏が遅れた時VS友達が遅れた時 〜 Reika Oozeki

When your boyfriend is late to your meeting place VS when your friend is late 〜 Reika Oozeki

When your boyfriend is late to the meeting place:

Oh, you’re finally here! :)

If it’s a friend:

So you’re finally here you’re 23 minutes and 18 seconds late LJEJ$9*)$@&!!!

ive been watching this for so long omg