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I’m 90% no one cares that follows me but here’s some screenshots. HAHA.  it’s a nice improvement that’s for sure. But it’s going to take some getting used to - the moving background/icons seems a bit unnecessary and distracting. Messages also look a WHOLE lot different. I love the control centre though. I always go into the settings to change my brightness but now there’s no need for that - one thing making me stay with iOS 7 is the new lock screen. I’ve been waiting for the transparent clock and slide-to-unlock for the longest time [without jailbreaking, at least] and it’s finally there!

  1. cosmolicious said: I’m not feeling the new icons at all, but everything else is super snazzy.
  2. kittyypryde said: Did you download a new theme or something? Why does it look so different and so much prettier?
  3. ijustwant2playthegame said: holy shit that ilooks amazing
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